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Unlimited Technical Support

SweptIN’s staff is available to help you and your entrant’s via phone or email with any questions or technical issues that may arise.

Google Analytics

Code can be added to your online promotion to allow you to better track how people are coming to your promotion, how long they are interacting with your brand, and how often an individual returns to the site.

Viral Features

Allow entrants to easily share this promotion with friends using a Facebook ‘share’ button and our ‘tell a friend’ email feature which are simple to use and integrate seamlessly into your promotion.

Real Time Reporting

You will be provided with control panel access to your specific promotion which will allow you to view detailed information for your entrants as they register. Details about the entrant includes information such as their name, mail & email address, age, answers to survey questions, whether they told a friend and if so their friend’s name and email address, date & time of entry, and whether they have won a prize (instant win & contingency promotions only).

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