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What type of promotion would you like to run?

  • Sweepstakes

    The customized Microsite or Facebook sweepstakes application allows you to giveaway a guaranteed prize to one or more entrants at the end of your promotion. Simply provide us with any artwork and prize details and your professional looking, customized sweepstake application can be up and running within days. At that point you can login to the customer control panel to view and download all your entrant information in real time and even use our winner selection tool to randomly select your winner(s) at the end of the promotion!

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  • Coupon

    A coupon promotion lets you to distribute a coupon or discount for your product or service to customers simply for registering on your website or Facebook fan page. The coupon will be displayed on screen and emailed to the entrant once that customer has entered their information into the customized Microsite or Facebook application. This is sure to drive repeat customers to your website, Facebook page or store location while gathering invaluable information about your customers that can be used for future promotions.

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  • Instant Win

    The instant win application allows entrants to know immediately whether or not they have won the prize(s) you are giving away. You set the number of prizes to be awarded and the length of the promotion and we handle the creation of your instant win game that will randomly distribute those prizes throughout the promotion period. This promotion utilizes an online scratch and win component that reveals on screen what the entrant has won and is a great way to encourage entrants to try again tomorrow!

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  • Contingency

    The contingency prize promotion lets you offer a BIG prize (i.e. car, boat, cash, etc.) that is completely covered by us if one of your entrants actually wins the prize (similar to hole in one insurance). Once a consumer enters their information into the Microsite or Facebook application then they will be served an online scratch and win game that will reveal instantly to the entrant whether or not they have won the grand prize based on their entry into the promotion. If your promotion produces a winner then we write the check!

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